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who gave you the right😩

Are you sure that's Selena???

Well the girl on twitter posted the pictures of them from a distance saying they were together and he lifted her up and kissed her and then he posted a picture picking her up with the same outfits as in the girl’s picture. Plus Selena was wearing that hat that day and Stalker Sarah said she saw them and she never really lies. And Justin posted a picture in Selena’s pool. so let’s be real…..

to all the people who don’t think that’s selena.. look at the hat. OMG babies

the captions👌


some of my favourite manips

hi guys💘 I’m so sorry I haven’t been on in a while but I’m back!! I love you all and I’ve missed you guys. message me if you want to talk or if I’ve missed anything while I was gone.

How do we know that Justin was talking about Selena?

I think you mean John. We know he’s talking about Selena because at the time they were at the zoo together and stuff. This video is from a month ago.


John talking about Justin being with ‘his girl’ (Selena Gomez)