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How do we know that Justin was talking about Selena?

I think you mean John. We know he’s talking about Selena because at the time they were at the zoo together and stuff. This video is from a month ago.


John talking about Justin being with ‘his girl’ (Selena Gomez)


Za shading Yovanna was priceless😂

this is so accurate it’s sad….


how do i get a relationship like urs? what am i doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong, love. I was single for such a long time before I found him. Just let the guy find you, trust me, it is worth the wait. I am happily in a relationship now, but only a few months ago I was single and depressed about it. You will find someone soon :) I promise. 

your so lucky. youre beautiful, you have the most perfect relationship, and youre so talented. i love you so much

Thank you so much, babe. I love you so much more.

Did it hurt getting your belly button pierced? I want to get mine done but im scared

It honestly didn’t hurt that much. The only thing that hurt was the clamp when they grabbed my skin but the actually needle for the piercing didn’t hurt at all. Don’t be scared. Do it if you want. Trust me it’s so worth it.

Wtf youre perfect!! And your body!! I want it :(

I’m far from perfect babe. and your body is probably better than mine :)

Uhm yeah, you're like my tumblr're freakin gorgeous, love.

omgg awwh thank you ❤️

here I am, for everyone asking to see my face and body. sorry that I’m not wearing makeup.

Justin’s in LA with Za and Poo Bear

for all the people that believe Justin’s in Miami because Hugo is.